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Grilled Asparagus Tartine

Updated: May 5, 2021

These can be a meal or cut in smaller slices and served as an appetizer.



4 to 6 ” Sliced Baguettes

1 lb Asparagus

1 Olive Oil

4 tbsp Picnic Parmesan Spread

2 tbsp Italian Parsley

1 salt & pepper


2 tbsp Salted Butter

1 Shallot (finely diced)


Make the shallot butter and refrigerate.

Fire up the grill. While grill is heating up do the next two steps.

Remove woody ends from asparagus. Then toss with olive oil, salt, & pepper.

Slice baguettes and either drizzle or spread shallot butter on each baguette.

Put asparagus on the grill. When asparagus is halfway to your liking place sliced baguettes butter side down and grill.

Remove asparagus and baguettes from grill.

Spread Parmesan Spread on each baguette slice and top with asparagus.

Put tartines on platter and sprinkle with Italian Parsley.


Melt 2 tbsp salted butter on the stove top.

Add shallots, cook on medium until shallots are soft, not browned.

Set to side or can be made ahead and refrigerated in a ramekin until needed.

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