Ours spreads are excellent on crackers, bread, fruit, & vegetables, but there are many other ways you can get creative with them. Here are some of our favorite ways you can use our Parmesan Spread:



Grilled Asparagus Sandwich: Here is link for instructions on our blog,


One of our very favorites is thinly sliced chorizo topped with Parmesan Spread and Italian parsley. Here is example from our blog,


Our favorite sandwich meat for Parmesan Spread is beef, whether its a hamburger

or roast beef, its ALL good.


Sopressata (or cured meat of your choice) sandwiches on a baguette with

Parmesan Spread is an amazing Italian sandwich.


For a quick, healthy "Alfredo-style" sauce, toss Parmesan Spread, a splash of pasta water, & a drizzle of olive oil with al dente pasta. Take it one step further and top with grilled vegetables. You can also just add a few tablespoons to your red sauce to make a nice creamy "pink sauce".


Stir into mashed potatoes for some creamy deliciousness.  We make it at Thanksgiving and it's SO good the kids ask for it all year long.


Grilled Chicken Parmesan Sandwich: Grilled chicken on a crusty roll with a liberal schemer of Parmesan Spread, grilled peppers & onions.



We love to hear what our customers are doing with our spreads, please tag your Instagram or Twitter Pics #picnicspreads and #parmesan